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A freed mindset is essential to a healthy, productive, and enjoyable life. I am expertly trained to help people navigate trauma, life crises, and family conflicts, including residual challenges or problems related to family of origin and upbringing. I am a leader in mental health and C-Suite Executive Employee Assistance Services. I do a lot of work with clients to improve communication by managing expectations and establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries. I am committed to providing a safe, non-threatening, and inquiry-based atmosphere for exploring needs, expectations, agency, voice, and treatment goals. I also offer clinical consultancy services to newly licensed practitioners and wellness services that focus on balancing the missional work of helping professionals/healers with their personal and familial well-being. 

My Approach

Thriving when we are not at our best is hard. Managing daily tasks when feeling overwhelmed, anxious, sad, worried, or fearful can be difficult without help. Life is often about surveying a situation and determining where growth opportunities exist. My clients are generally leaders who balance work, family, self-care, and opportunities for growth and advancement.

What will you take away from our sessions?

I specialize in on-demand, person-in-situation, timely, and solution-focused care, helping every client develop and achieve measurable goals. I demonstrate compassion in allying with clients on their path to greater JOY! Together, we identify thoughts, hurts, and behaviors that interfere with fulfillment and peace, implementing strategies for improvement during weekly sessions with life work resources. Let’s begin together today!

Cancellations within 48 hours incur a $75 fee.

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If you require immediate attention during this time, Please call “911” or go immediately to your local ER or contact.
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800)273-8255
Or National Alliance for Mental Illness (518) 462-2000 

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